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NASCAR and Mother’s Day

NASCAR and Mother’s Day: As mom and grandmother, Martha Nemechek has memories of success and tragedy

Source: The Kansas City Star


The family-owned NEMCO Motorsports shop in Mooresville, N.C., is a treasure trove of NASCAR.


Martha Nemechek, matriarch of the racing family, has one of every racing suit her son Joe wore as a driver. His helmets, his gloves, his shoes. Hundreds of trophies, photographs, a wall of bookcases filled with scrapbooks. Scale models of every car Joe ever raced (and a dirt bike) are on display. And, parked in a warehouse is one car from every sponsor Nemechek has represented in a 25-year NASCAR career.


“Dale Earnhardt would come to our motor home to eat and come out to the shop and say to Joe, ‘I don’t have as much stuff as you’ve got. You are very lucky,’ ” Martha said.


For Martha Nemechek, that’s the world of a NASCAR mom. Collecting, saving and preserving memories is only one part of the job for these ladies, who like moms around the world are honored Sunday on Mother’s Day.


“My mom has been right there involved in everything I’ve ever done, from racing motorcycles to Cup racing, to sports back in school,” said Nemechek, the 1992 Nationwide Series champion who won both the Nationwide and Sprint Cup races at Kansas Speedway in 2004.


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