Wildco Welcomed for a One Race Sponsorship

We are happy to introduce Wildco Petroleum Equipment, a first time sponsor, as the primary sponsor for the Nationwide Toyota in New Hampshire this weekend.  Wildco distributes petroleum equipment, from tanks to canopies, from Virginia to Maine.


Wildco has offices in Manchester, NH, and Bloomfield, CT.  Wildco is a regional petroleum equipment company that distributes, installs, and services a broad range of equipment used for petroleum storage and distribution.


Since 1998 Wildco Petroleum Equipment has been a distributor of the highest quality products and the latest technology for use in retail, commercial, marina, industrial and government applications for the storage and dispensing of petroleum products.  Wildco is experienced in the integration and application of fueling systems, fuel handling equipment, POS solutions, petroleum equipment and service station equipment.  Wildco is the premier supplier of underground storage tanks, aboveground storage tanks, fuel pumps or dispensers, automatic tank gauging or leak detection equipment or any other fluid handling equipment.  To learn more, visit


We've got Charlie from Wildco at the track with us this weekend, and we're looking forward to helping Wildco with their initiation into NASCAR.


NEMCO to Help Build Awareness of Tourette Syndrome

Nemco Motorsports announced today that their organization will highlight The Tourette Syndrome Association by featuring the TSA logo on the hood of Joe Nemechek’s NEMCO Motorsports #87 Toyota, for the running in the Daytona 11th Annual Subway Jalapeno 250 this Friday July 6, 2012.


The #87 also includes sponsors D.A.B. Constructors and AM/FM Energy Wood and Pellet Stoves in an effort to highlight the needs and awareness of TSA, which is the only national volunteer organization aimed at educating the public and working for a treatment and ultimate cure of TS.


“We are working hard behind the scenes and are looking to be strong contender for a great run at Daytona.” said Joe Nemechek. “Nemco is proud to have the TSA aboard so that we can do all we can to raise awareness and inform the public about this condition.”


Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder that usually becomes evident between the ages of 3 and 9. Most signs of Tourette Syndrome are repetitive, involuntary movements (tics) and vocalizations. Tics can increase with excitement or stress, and decrease with relaxation or involvement in an absorbing activity.


The cause of Tourette Syndrome is unknown, but recent research points to abnormalities in certain brain regions. There is no cure for TS, although for more severe symptoms, medications can help. Most people experience marked improvement in their late teens or early twenties, and some even experience remission. Only a small percentage with very severe and persistent tics will carry that into adulthood.


The most common first symptom of TS is a facial tic, such as eye blinking. Symptoms usually emerge in the face and neck, and over time, (months and years) move from the head to the arms and legs. Vocal tics (such as throat clearing, sniffing, grunting, tongue clicking and other noises) develop after the onset of motor movements. Males are affected about 3 to 4 times more than females, and research has shown that TS can be hereditary. All symptoms of TS are involuntary, although some people try to suppress the symptoms. Contrary to popular belief, only about 10% to 15% of people with TS experience the type of TS where they shout obscenities. Most people with TS have mild to moderate symptoms.


For most children with TS, their symptoms are misunderstood, and therefore, become victims to bullying by both children and adults. While other children may tease because of the involuntary movements, adults may feel that these children just have a behavioral problem. Adults with TS are also made fun of, because most people just don’t understand what it is. The exact number of people who have TS is not known, as many people who do have it, have such mild symptoms they do not seek medical attention. However, it is estimated that between 1% -3% of children have symptoms that fit the diagnosis.


The Tourette Syndrome Association, or TSA, was founded in 1972, and is the only national volunteer non-profit membership organization. Their mission is to identify the cause, find the cure and control the effect of TS through education, research and service. Members of TSA include individuals with the disorder, their family members, concerned people and others who are interested in helping the cause. The programs of research, professional and public education, and family services are made possible through the generosity of their donors.


TSA maintains an internet website to keep people informed and to answer questions. They help families in crisis through their Information and Referral Service, and they promote public awareness and understanding of TS. The TSA organizes workshops for scientists, clinicians and others working in the field of TS. There are TSA regional chapters and support groups in most areas of the USA. For more information on Tourette Syndrome, visit: – the National chapter – the Florida chapter.


John Hunter Wins Pole in Milwaukee

Last week was a great overall week. John Hunter turned 15 early in the week. He then won the pole and set the track record at the Milwaukee Mile in his late model for the Howie Lettow Memorial with 80 entrants, including Rusty Wallace, Matt Kenseth, and many other notables. In the feature race he was caught up in a wreck but was still able to finish 23rd. Then we put a great cap on the week by spending time together on Father's Day.


Here is a picture of John Hunter after receiving his pole award.


Click here to see an interview and feature that a Milwaukee TV station did.


SWM With Us This Weekend In Nationwide

SWM International, dba Specialty Welding & Machine, is with us on the Nationwide car this weekend in Texas.


Specialty Welding & Machine is a welding and machine shop that makes perforating guns used in the oil drilling industry. These guns are an important step in getting oil efficiently out of the ground.


To learn more, visit their website by clicking here.


First 3D Pit Stop Video

We captured one of our Nationwide pit stops with a 3D video, but now we have to figure out how best to share it. If you have a 3D TV, download the video by right-clicking your mouse here to save the link as a file you put on your USB drive. Then put the USB drive into your TV and use the TV menu to play it in 3D. Or, if you are browsing with a 3D enabled device, you should be able to just click the link. Let me know on Facebook how it works.



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